Thursday, June 15, 2017

Washington DC to New York, NY

At checkout, Amy and the boys took Mum and I to Union Station and they went on to a couple of days with the Chichester's in Annandale.  Mum and I caught the express train to New York's Penn Station.  The 3 hours in the train was relaxing and gave us fleeting views of Wilmington, Philly and Baltimore.  The Chelsea Hilton was only a 4 block walk from the station and we were able to check in and get our gear away before going exploring.

Mum said that it wasn't necessary to go into museums and exhibits, but she just wanted to see the city.  So what better place to tart that 14 blocks north, in Times Square.  This is America and New York at its most iconic and just amazing to see mum's reaction to the crowds, lights and general buzz of the area.  From there we walked over to Radio City Hall (wish something was on while we were here) and then to Rockerfeller Center.

From there we made our way to St Patrick's Cathedral.  Wow!  What a beautiful structure.  Too big from the outside to get a good look, but inside is very impressive.  Mum and I found a pew and just sat for an hour, soaking up the breathtaking view.

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York

On our way back to the hotel we detoured though Grand Central Station to look around.  We spent an hour relaxing in the hotel, resting our weary feet, and deciding on dinner.  We opted for Rare Bar, a simple bar & grill with the unreal feature of only being 2 blocks away from the hotel.  A good meal to end the day.  In all we covered 7 1/4 miles (and that's with most of the day on the train).  More exploring tomorrow.

View from 23rd Floor of Chelsea Hilton.  One World Tower is the lighted building in the distance.

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