Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Davidson vs East Washington @ John Belk Arena

Another night of college basketball, anther night of sports bewilderment for me.

To me this game was very much like the one from two weeks ago.  I couldn't really keep pace with fouls being / not being called.  The irony is how long it takes to play the game.  So many time outs, so much minute by minute coaching required, so many deliberate fouls - where a played advantage would be more beneficial.  Maybe I'm not built for the sports America loves.

It was a pretty comfortable win for the Wildcats in the end. 10 points , but only because Davidson took their foot off the accelerator at the end of the game.  A may not know what is going on completely, but I am claiming 2-0 for Wildcats games I've attended.

What I did find surprising tonight was the amount of Australians in the East Washington team.  3 in the starting line up and 2 more on the bench.  I didn't even know 5 people in Australia played basketball, let alone would be good enough to be recruited by a US college.  And how does that happen?  How does anyone from EWU find out about players from Geraldton, WA?  And when did Victoria become a powerhouse in basketball? (4 in the team from there)?  Why aren't those big guys playing Aussie Rules?  While not the team I was supporting, always good to see fellow Aussies doing well.

Davidson Wildcats 96 (Gibbs 37 points, Barham 22, Sullivan 22) defeated East Washington Eagles 86 (McBroom 33, Jois 22, Bliznyuk 14).
Crowd: 3,714.