Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jesus & Mary Chain @ House Of Blues

I don’t know why I wanted to go to this concert, as I don’t know any songs, but I was somewhat compelled to see The Jesus and Mary Chain. And when the good people at Punks In Vegas offered me 2 free tickets, how could I say no?

It was a late start for the House of Blues, normally their shows are over by 10pm, but tonight they are not on stage until 10pm. Too late for this old guy (still tired from Weezer last night). The band do not have much of a stage presence, nor a repoire with the audience, but the music was good. Sidewalking, Reverence and Taste Of Cindy were highlights, but again they were on stage barely an hour. I’m glad I got to see them, but probably would not head back for another dose of The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Snakedriver / Head On / Far Gone And Out/ Between Planets / Blues From A Gun / Teenage Lust / Sidewalking / Cracking Up / All Things Must Pass / Some Candy Talking / Happy When It Rains / Halfway To Crazy / Just Like Honey / Reverence
Encore: The Hardest Walk / Taste Of Cindy / Never Understand

The Crap Facts:
This is my 335th concert.
This is my 43rd concert at House Of Blues..
This is my 130th concert in Las Vegas.
This is my 130th concert in Nevada.
This is my 142nd concert in the USA.
Jesus & The Mary Chain are the 398th band I've seen.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weezer @ Mandalay Bay Beach

After a year and a half, it’s Weezer again. Back at the Joint when they were doing the Memories Tour, playing the Blue Album and Pinkerton, it seemed like they were going through the motions. But tonight it was back to fun.

I love the Mandalay Bay Beach as a venue, standing ankle deep in the water relatively close to the stage, in the warm weather. How can you go wrong? The Hills and I had a great spot right in front – on a slight raise with no obstructions.

My Name Is Jonas, Hash Pipe and Undone – The Sweater Song early on the piece was a great start. The band were having a blast, and the crowd was as well. Also loved Island In The Sun, (the rarely played) Susanne and Surf Wax America. The piece de resistance though was a cover of Poison’s Talk Dirty To Me. After a quick break, Weezer finished the show with a great ending of Buddy Holly and Beverly Hills. Overall 19 songs and a fun show, but Weezer were on stage under 75 minutes. You’d think after being together for so long and Joe Public forking over $50 plus, you’d be able to play a little longer. Nice work if you can get it. Just saying!

Tired Of Sex / My Name Is Jonas / Hash Pipe / Can't Stop Partying / Undone - The Sweater Song / Troublemaker / Dope Nose / Put Me Back Together / Island In The Sun / Suzanne / Perfect Situation / Surf Wax America / (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To / Pork & Beans / Say It Ain't So / Talk Dirty To Me (Poison Cover) / The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Encore: Buddy Holly / Beverly Hills

The Crap Facts:
This is my 334th concert.
This is my 2nd concert at Mandalay Bay Beach.
This is my 129th concert in Las Vegas.
This is my 129th concert in Nevada.
This is my 141st concert in the USA.
This is my 3rd Weezer concert..