Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Davidson vs Fordham @ John Belk Arena

This may be the weirdest sporting event I have ever been to in the sense of the team I was supporting deserved the result they got tonight from the lack of drive shown.

We got into the arena just after tip off and saw Fordham race to an 11-1 lead, as Davidson missed shot after shot.  To their credit, Fordham had their defense set so well that the Wildcats had no way through, but also no variety in which to challenge Fordham.  Players seemed to be going through the motions until Davisdon, and the small home crowd, picked it up with 1:30 left in the first half.  This saw Davisdon drag the game back to a 3 point lead for Fordham.

After the break, Davidson seemed to get into a rhythm and took the lead, getting as much as 5 points in front.  Then in the last 5 minutes it all seemed to fall apart.  Baskets weren't falling for the Wildcats, while Fordham could do no wrong.  Having said that, Davidson just didn't seem to have the stamina, or want for that matter, to hold out for the last 5 minutes. Fordham ran out 6 point winners.

While I still have a hard time seeing what fouls are happening, especially off the ball, tonight's loss was easily put down to Davidson's lack of desire to create and drive against Fordham, who, to their credit, defended extremely well.  I lost my perfect record at Davidson games tonight (3-1), so am not sure it Aaron will be needing my neighborly services in the near future.

Fordham Rams 60 (Hawkins 17, Anderson 15, Chartouny 11) defeated Davidson Wildcats 54 (Aldridge 18, Gibbs 11, Magarity 9).
Crowd: 3,004.