Friday, February 24, 2017

Davidson vs Dayton @ John Belk Arena

Oh Davidson!  It's a shame you don't play 2 x 15 minute halves, because the the last 5 minutes of each half were absolutely tragic, especially to finish the game.

Aaron and I watched as the Wildcats kept on pace, and then pull a little away from Dayton, before fading at half time to be behind by 1 at halftime (45-46).

We did get to see The Amazing Sladek at halftime.  This 58 year old gentlemen started with a couple of forward flips, before placing 6 chairs on a table in an incredible balancing act, much to the cheer of the Davidson crowd.  Definitely impressive and nerve-racking.

Davidson came out on fire in the second half.  After such a weak ending to the first half I was expecting the worst.  That was to come later.  When Davidson raced to a 13 point lead with less than 8 minutes to go, I thought it was a shoo-in, but alas, at that moment in time, Davidson forgot how to shoot.  They only managed another 4 points, as Dayton came back to send the game into overtime.

A lot of the Davidson crowd saw the writing on the wall and left then.  And the Wildcats proved them right, as they continued to wilt and eventually succumbed to Dayton 82-89.  These last 12 minutes of the game the Dayton crowd made their presence known.  Out-cheering and urging their team onto a well deserved comeback and victory.  In the end a disappointing performance and result for Davidson.  A different result if the halves were 15 instead of 20 minutes.  

This is my 6th game now, and while I still miss a lot of the calls, tonight it was evident to me how many bad and missed calls could be attributed to the referees.  By no means is this an excuse for Davidson, but considering how frustrating it was for the crowd, both home and away, I can't imagine the players disbelief.

Dayton Flyers 89 (K. Pollard 18, X. Williams 17, S. Smith 17) defeated Davidson Wildcats 82 (P. Aldridge 27, J. Gibbs 27, J. Gudmundsson 10)
Crowd: 4,889

Saturday, February 4, 2017

NC State vs Miami @ PNC Arena

My brother-in-law is a big basketball fan, and when he came to stay with us for a couple of nights, all he wanted was to see a college game.  Unfortunately the UNC game and the Duke game were sold out, but he was more than happy to see NC State play Miami up in Raleigh.

For the 2 days prior I had been ill with an indigestion and migraine problem, and it wasn't until 11am (an hour before we left) that I felt OK enough to drive the two and a half hours north.  Not a lot of traffic on the way up and we pulled a miraculous spot just outside the PNC Arena, and walked into the arena as the national anthem was being played.

NC State started strong, and from high up in the stadium, it looked like we were in for a treat.  The day was Armed Services Appreciation Day, so many local NC State Alumni were paraded on the court during the many time outs.  Nice touch, which had us getting out of our seats regularly for a standing ovation.  NC State powered to a 9 point lead at half time (45-36), and looked set to take the points in this one.

However someone put a rocket up the Hurricanes at half time.  They were a different, now determined team, that NC State had no answer to.  Miami totally killed it, while NC State looked like a shadow of their first half selves.  In the end the 5 point margin to the Hurricanes made it seem closer than what it was.  A lot of disappointed people leaving the PNC Arena tonight.

Was surprised by the number of empty seats in the lower level of the stadium.  While crowd was officially 17, 567, I think that may be tickets solved, as well as season ticket holders who hadn't bothered to show.  We were on the top deck, right in line with the basket where the NC State students sat.  I liked being higher up, was a great view of all the action.

On the way home we stopped about halfway back to eat at Lexington Barbecue.  This 55 year old BBQ institution, was recommended by my father-in-law, who during his working years would go out of his way to eat here.  Food was great, and the atmosphere very southern.  Good stop before we had to make the last hour home.

Miami Hurricanes 84 (D. Reed 26, A. Lawrence Jr 19, E. Inzundu 16) defeated NC State Wolfpack 79 (D. Smith Jr 31, T. Henderson 21, O. Yurtseven 10)
Crowd: 17, 567