Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bush & Chevelle @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater

I could hear Chevelle from the parking lot as I walked into the Charlotte Metro CU Amphitheater (formerly the Uptown Amphitheater).  Sound was good, and the area close to the stage was pretty full, the general admission area, where I have tickets - not so much.  I usually have a seat at this venue but went for the $15 ticket today.  I walked around to the concession area and sidled up to a spot that was like being side stage (same level as the stage and side on to the band.  Great view, but unfortunately a horrible sound.  I wasn't worried as I don't know any Chevelle songs, and was content to see the band do their thing, as well as to watch the crowd, who were well into it. Chevelle had a good energy and maybe I'd tell you more if I had of been in a better spot.  Usually I will know at least a song, but nothing they played was familiar to me, but I was definitely in the minority.

Chevelle Setlist
An Island / Take Out The Gunman / Last Days / The Clincher / Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) / Closure / Joyride (Omen) / Sleep Apnea / Hats Off To The Bull / Still Running / I Get It / Door To Door Cannibals / Face To The Floor / The Red / Forfeit / Send The Pain Below

I stayed in the same spot for the start of Bush, just to see them close up.  Unfortunately for me they started with Everything's Zen, which sounded tinny from the side of stage.  Immediatedly I moved back to the lawn area, where the sound was like a concert should be.  The Chemicals Between Us was a good number, and the start of Gavin Rossdale really cutting loose with his energy.  He looked like he was having a ball, dancing like each of these songs were his favorites.  Monkey and Swallowed were also highlights.  I also liked the video input with each song - particularly the words and drone fottage that went with The Only Way Out (a song I don't know well).  The set finished with Little Things which saw Gavin come into the crowd.  After weaving his way through the seats up front, he made it all the way back to the lawn.  People were running from everywhere to join him.  He escaped the crowd and ran right past me on his way back to the stage.  Was thinking about how other times I've seen lead singers get into the crowd, and how that crowd love to sing into the mike, this time while he sung all I could hear were girls screaming.  An encore included a 16 Stone three play as well as an amzing cover of REM's The One I Love (Gavin's voice almost replicating that of Michael Stipe).  A solo Glycerine from Gavin had the crowd singing along, with the band rejoining hime to finish with Comedown, as I pulled my old man move and snuck out to beat the traffic.

Really good show, but I definitely wont go into that side stage area again.  Can't believe I hadn't seen Bush before, but definitely worth the trip out.

Bush Setlist
Everything Zen / Just Like My Other Sins / The Chemicals Between Us / The Disease Of The Dancing Cats / The Sound Of Winter / Greedy Fly / Monkey / The People That We Love / Swallowed / Eye Of The Storm / The Only Way Out / Insect Kin / Little Things
Encore: Machinehead / The One I Love (REM cover) / Glycerine / Comedown

The Crap Facts:
This is my 409th concert.
This is my 4th concert at Charlotte Metro Credit Union.
This is my 48th concert in Charlotte.
This is my 54th concert in North Carolina.
This is my 216th concert in the USA.
Chevelle are the 480th band I've seen.
Bush are the 481st band I've seen.