Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Motorhead & Anthrax @ The Fillmore

So, my first ever Anthrax show.  Wasn't sure what to expect as I am only familiar with their cover of  Public Enemy's Bring The Noise, but both times I've seen Motorhead before, they have had good openers.  (Corrosion of Conformity & Zeke, then The Misfits).  Tonight would be no different.  I liked the thrash/punk/metal sound, and singer Joey Belladonna is a true showman.  His energy and audience interaction, combined with the fast music, made for a solid performance all round.  I don't know any of their songs, but Caught In The Mosh was mine, and a crowd, favorite.  Not the music I typically listen to (gone is the early 90's), but I'm glad I got to see these metal legends.

Anthrax Setlist
Madhouse / Caught In A Mosh / Got The Time (Joe Jackson cover) / Antisocial (Trust cover) / Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't / Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.) / Neon Knights (Black Sabbath cover) / In The End / Indians

Hard to believe it's been 7 years since I last saw Motorhead.  (I was supposed to see them in Vegas in October of 09, but when Dave and I showed up, we found out Lemmy had cancelled because of illness - we stayed and watched Reverend Horton Heat put on an awesome 2 hour show).  Recently Lemmy's health had been coming into question again after a few cancellations in the last month, which made it more important to see them on their 40th anniversary tour.  I don't know if I had a preconceived idea of what to expect, but initially Lemmy looked kind of frail, not the booming presence he usually projected from the stage.  This notion was killed from the very first note.  Motorhead played as fast and loud as you would expect.  Because it's Motorhead I was smart enough to have earplugs in, that is until the first notes of Ace Of Spades.  A blistering version followed, two songs later, by the finisher, No Class.  Just a 1 song encore - Overkill - finished off a rocking set.

Glad I got to see them again, however was a bit surprised that Anthrax's set was as long as Motorheads, and a one hour set for a 40th anniversary tour was not enough for my liking - but I can't fault what I did see.

Motorhead Setlist
Bomber / Stay Clean / Metropolis / Over The Top / Guitar Solo / The Chase Is Better Than The Catch / Rock It / Lost Woman Blues / Doctor Rock / Ace Of Spades / Just 'Cos You Got The Power / No Class
Encore: Overkill

The Crap Facts:
This is my 394th concert.
This is my 12th concert at The Fillmore.
This is my 37th concert in Charlotte.
This is my 42nd concert in North Carolina.
This is my 201st concert in the USA.
Anthrax are the 464th band I've seen.
This is the 3rd time I've seen Motorhead.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Swervedriver & Dearly Beloved @ The Mothlight, Asheville, NC

I have driven to Asheville with Mike in hope of redemption for Swervedriver.  I remember the first time I saw Son Of Mustang Ford on Rage and was totally blown away.  In May 1998 they toured in Australia and I got to see them in my favorite venue (The Metro), with the awesome Magic Dirt.  I gotta say I only remember being disappointed by the experience, and the show landed as one of the worst I have seen.  At the time only 2 other shows I'd seen were worse (Soundgarden & Garbage).

The Mothlight is a cool, smaller venue, that looks and smells new.  We got there early and had time to stretch and relax before Dearly Beloved came on.  From the start these guys (and girl) were great.  They had an energy that burst out in their music and performance.  I had never heard of this Canadian band before yet thought they were great.  The crowd reacted well to them and their finale with singer/bassist in the crowd while a guitarist went nuts (almost killing an unsuspecting lady with his guitar) on the dancefloor was a highlight.

The crowd swelled significantly for the start of Swervedriver, and while crowd interaction was at a minimum, the band were in a zone from the start.  Because I'm old, earplugs were used tonight, but that swirling guitar sound just isn't the same through the earplug barrier, so 3 or 4 songs in they were discarded for a much better sound.  I'm not familiar with any of the new album, but it seems true to their sound and I really thought the show was great.  Things picked up further with Rave Down sounding amazing halfway through the set.  The crowd, however, thinned out after that song, but still Swervedriver drove on.  Son Of Mustang Ford all but finished the set - and was a killer.  That song is as great as it ever was and I felt privileged to here it live again.

Sadly, we bailed before the encore (I told you I'm old - and it's a long drive back to Charlotte especially when the kids are going to be up at about 7am).  This is no reflection on the show.  It was great and put that 98 show where it belonged - in the past.  Would love to see them again, but hopefully closer to home next time.

Swervedriver Setlist
Autodidact / For Seeking Heat / Never Lose That Feeling / Setting Sun / Last Rites / Rave Down / These Times / For A Day Like Tomorrow / MM Abduction / Lone Star / The Birds / Son Of Mustang Ford / I Wonder?
Encore: Last Train to Satansville / Duel

The Crap Facts:
This is my 393rd concert.
This is my 1st concert at The Mothlight.
The Mothlight is the 109th venue I've seen a concert in.
This is my 3rd concert in Asheville.
This is my 41st concert in North Carolina.
This is my 200th concert in the USA.
Dearly Beloved are the 463rd band I've seen.
This is the 2nd time I've seen Swerevedriver.