Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bester / Sainsbury Wedding in Las Vegas

We got to hang with the Besters one more time after I finished work, as they came to our place for a quick dinner before we dropped them off at the Strip so they could go and see Love. I’ve had such a great week with them here, actually 2 weeks if you count the time with everyone in Hawaii as well. Tomorrow they continue on their US trip, while I have to work on keeping this quiet for 3 months until they have their Australia wedding. I think I’ll make it ?!?!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bester / Sainsbury Wedding in Las Vegas

Still working as the newlyweds get to spend their first day together celebrating Phil’s birthday. Again we meet up when I’ve finished work and the 6 of us head out to Joe’s Stone Crab for dinner. Again, a great meal with some good company. And no trip to Vegas is complete until drinks have been had at the Peppermill. The pictures below say it all I think. Tonight was our farewell to the Saffas, as they head back to Houston in the morning.

Us In The Car

Us @ The Peppermill

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bester / Sainsbury Wedding in Las Vegas

Again I had to work today, so all was left for preparation for the big night. Phil & Reggae get married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. The girls were spoiled by a hairdresser & make-up artist while the boys …well just got ready when they had to.

Gretchen, Reggae & ABH @ Aria

Me & ABH @ Aria

Regs & Her Bridesmaids

Reggae On Her Way To The Chapel

Saffa & I escorted Reggae to the Chapel and in Vegas style we were up and done in 20 minutes. Elvis walked her down the short isle to her nervous husband in waiting. Elvis then proceeded to perform a great, fun ceremony and before we knew it Reggae & Phil were Mr & Mrs Bester.

Me, ABH, Gretchen & Saffa

The Besters @ Graceland Wedding Chapel

After the ceremony, the Besters had hired a photographer who had a limo driver take us to different parts of the city for 2 hours for the wedding photos. We went to the Vegas sign, Mandalay BayBellagio & Caesars Palace before heading to Firefly at The Plaza for the reception dinner.  Definitely a fun wedding and a great night had by all.

Regs & Her Boys

KISS and The Besters
The Besters & Cake @ Firefly

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bester / Sainsbury Wedding, in Las Vegas

I had to work today so I had Phil & Regs drive me to work so they could have my car and have the day to do as they please. Also Phil is moving into Aria today - to keep away from his bride the night before the wedding. He will be joined there by his mate, Zu, who will partake it the events as well. Also Saffa and Gretchen arrive into Vegas this afternoon to complete the party.

After work we all met at Aria to let them marvel at where I work, and have a drink before keeping it low key and having dinner at the Hookah Lounge - a fave from Reggae's last visit. We escort the bride home afterwards and the boys headed back for a bit of fun on the casino floor.

Me, Zu, Regs, Phil, ABH, Gretchen & Saffa @ Aria

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bester / Sainsbury Wedding in Las Vegas

A mere 3 days after getting back from Hawaii we are blessed by the incoming Reggae & Phil, who are doing a few week tour through the US (LA, Vegas, Chicago, NY, Amish Country, Memphis, Nashville and Honolulu). But this stop is special as it includes a secret wedding that only parents and the 5 guests (Me, ABH, Saffa, Gretchen & Zu) know about.

I picked the kids up from the airport and we made the trip directly to get the Marriage Licence from Clark County Courthouse before going to Rent a Dress & Tux to get the kids outfitted for Friday. While alterations were made we headed over to the Hard Rock Hotel for lunch at Mr Luckys.

Reggae & Phil getting their Marriage Licence

10 days of travelling and the upcoming fun ahead and Phil & Regs were happy for a night in and a home cooked meal. Fine by us too.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Barnes / Monaghan Wedding in Maui, HI

The morning after was spent at Brunch back at the Westin. It was fun to relive the previous nights' funny parts and everyone's great memories over a Bloody Mary.

Again afterwards we spent the afternoon dividing time between the pool and the beach. Such a hard life!

Later that evening the Joyners, Creans, Besters-To-Be and the Hutches joined forces and headed down to the Hyatt for the Luau. I had a blast - great company (never know when we are all going to get together again), good food, the outdoors (we didn't even budge when it started raining in the middle of dinner) and decent entertainment. However us oldies were straight back to the hotel afterwards too exhausted to go on.

Me & The Creans @ The Hyatt Luau

ABH and I got up early on our last morning to walk along the beach and get a quick swim in before we head back to reality. Got a taxi back to the airport with the Creans and spent the flight back reflecting on how stoked we were to get the opportunity to make our first trip to Hawaii such a special one. And how can we get back quickly?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Barnes / Monaghan Wedding in Maui, HI

Plenty of relaxing time around the pool and at the beach before we have to get ready for the evening festivities. It is so good to sit in the sun and not worry about anything - work, cell phones, life etc. You just have to not get sunburned.

We caught the early shuttle for the 20 minute ride up to the Ritz, where the wedding is held outside down by the ocean. Just ridiculously beautiful! We waited a while as a storm passed through - just enough to make the wedding party nervous. But the simple ceremony had all the elements of beauty. The waves in the background, a small group of close friends and family, the setting sun and the happy couple. Everyone was so happy it all went well for Greg & Jill.

Regs, Phil, KTel, Creany, ABH & I @ The Ritz

Greg, Mick & Anthony at the ready

Jill & Greg married in paradise
ABH & I after the wedding

The evening then moved back into the hotel where the open reception room, looking over the golf course and the coast, hosted the festivities in style. When the wedding party arrived - the party started. A great meal followed by all the usual wedding frivolities topped off a great day for everyone, especially Greg & Jill. ABH and I are definitely blessed to have such great friends and a good life.

ABH, Phil, Suzanne & KTel @ The Reception

Barnes, Me, Crean, Regs & JJ @ The Reception

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Barnes / Monaghan Wedding in Maui , HI

We made it! We only get 3 nights but is was the wedding I had to get to. Barnesy and Jill were finally getting marries and picked a spot between both families to do so. The beautiful island of Maui. I shuffled some days off work around so that ABH and I could make the journey for the wedding and catch up with some friends.

After an early start our flights to Maui via San Francisco seemed effortless and by 12pm local time, we were ready to find friends and maybe get in some pool time. We ran into most of the crew while having lunch at a bar in our hotel, The Westin Ocean Villas, so the festivities began.

One of my missions for the trip is to get into the ocean every day we are here, and after lunch I started that tradition - switching out between the Pacific and the pool. When we finally got settled into our room, we had little time before getting on the bus to Lahaina to go an a pre-wedding cruise. Wow! This is the life. 3 hours just cruising, with great people, enjoying the good weather and celebrating the love of 2 friends. Doesn't get much better than that.

Creany, Barnes & I cruising Maui

The Bride & Groom

We kicked on for a little while at a local pub, but it had been a long day for ABH and I so we left before the shenanigans got out of hand.

The Creantels

Philby, Barnes & Regs